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Hello! My name is Byron and welcome to my website. I created this site as a project specially for Creative Writing, --an ESL and Web Development course. If you would like to contact me, simply use the contact form available on this page. Below is my personal CV, with a few examples of online websites and articles or blog posts I've created perversely.

Graduated with distinction from York Univery
13 years of article marketing experience (specifically intended for Online readers)
6 years of web development experience.
Dedicated, team player employee with a taste for details.

Employment Experience.
Creative Writing,2006 - Present
Team Leader
Given the task of coordinating a international crew of internet writers to match a advanced list of increased objectives and goals.
- Make cutting edge records for output, expanding production by 20% worldwide
- Properly managed regular logs of task distribution
- Maintained QA for worldwide generation over a large crew of internet writers

Self Employed Web Designer

Additional Abilities
Fluent in Hindustani
Superior proficiency using a extensive choice of office software

You can find my work on these sites

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London Hotel

You can choose from a number of hotels that offer an array of high quality features that you may look for in a hotel. Let us take a glimpse of the few top- performing hotels in this Canadian city. The first hotel you may consider is the Delta London Armouries Hotel. This hotel features desirable amenities such as an indoor pool that has a splash pool for little children and a... Source..

Mississauga Hotels

While vacationers can hardly run out of good hotels in Mississauga to stay in, finding the right hotel is the challenge and the choice must depend on the purpose of the trip. You should have a little... To read more click here...

French Doors

Like wood, fibreglass can also be painted any shade or color that is your favorite. This material is efficient in terms of withstanding exterior climates because unlike woods, it is not likely to peel, warp or swell. Actually, you can have them both for one doorway. Wooden doors with fibreglass trims can also give your home a wonderfully unique style. In fact, several existing houses... Source of information..

Garage Door Openers

Some garage door openers needs to be attached to steel built T – bar axle before installation process. It is important to keep in mind to place motor attachment well fasten in a secured axle for safety reason when openers vibrates. If ever there... Source..


The following are five types of this product you can choose from such as springs, memory foam, waterbed, air and latex. These are all available on the market today. Springs- this type is traditional in America and is made of coils that are placed inside of it. It provides support and this support varies depending on the number of coils present inside of it and their distribution. This type is perfect for users who need back support. Hence,... Click here to continue..

Good Mood

Therefore, it is best for pregnant females to strive to have a happy disposition each day and might as well follow any tips on how to have a happy outlook even if it is 10 or 11 tips for a good mood. Striving... Source..

Fuel Injection Service

Fuel injection service must be done by professional car technicians so that the work done will be at a high quality grade and errors will be minimized. Fuel injection systems in the vehicles are the ones responsible for spraying fuel into the combustion cylinders where the fuel is being converted into energy which the engines use to power and operate the car. Compared to carbureted engines, fuel injection engines are more effective when it comes to fuel efficiency... Continue reading..

Good First Cars

These include websites, abandoned and unclaimed car auctions, surplus and property auctions seized by police, government car auctions and the like. There are also individuals who sell cheap... Source of information..

Easy Cheesecake Recipe

Cheesecake has many variants to suit various palates. It is commonly added with a sugar as sweetener and an optional flavoring according to choice and top with nut, fruits, fruity relish or chocolate depending on chosen flavor.Usually in the U.S its contemporary version of easy cheesecake recipe makes use of creamy cheese, different from the cheesecake... Click here to read more..

Walk In Clinic

Health Care Clinic Health refers to the generalized wellness status of a particular individual such as mental and spiritual health and... More on this site..

Coral Dress

It depends on your personality and the gathering that you will be attending; these might be the right hues for you. If you would decide to wear a coral dress without straps or probably one that... Find out more...

Snow Pants For Kids

Snow pants for kids are well designed for the protection of the wearers against cold and/or injury. Parents must see to it that the snow pants of their kids are well- fitted and have appropriate features. Snowboarding can definitely be a great pastime during winter especially with the right pair of pants on. If you are planning to buy these pants for your kids, there are important... Source of information..

Hotels Downtown Vancouver

The on-site amenities of this hotel include affordable onsite parking areas, indoor lap swimming pool, health club, international restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner meals and the like. Its in-room amenities include high speed wireless internet access, work desk with an ergonomic chair, in- room media and others. The guestrooms of this hotel offer guests scenic views of the downtown Vancouver. Hyatt Regency Vancouver This hotel located just next to the... Find out more...

Cool Backgrounds

There are millions of scenic views that can give you a preview of some great landscapes and great country photos. You would choose wallpapers that you fancy like your favorite athletes, favorite PC games, religious photos, favorite bands or whatever you like. You can even edit some of your photos that would make unique and cool backgrounds for your PC or laptop. There are thousands of wallpapers... Read more..

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MiddleEast War

In fact as I recall, the way that Bush and the junta squeaked out from having funneled money from the 'War on Terror' to Operation Iraqi Liberation...er...freedom...was that the invasion of Iraq was in fact part of the War on Terror.

If the invasion of Iraq is part of the War on Terror, then there must be some connection between Iraq and 9/11/01, which was conducted by al Qaeda.

But if Saddam didn't orchestrate 9/11 with Osama, then it was a crime to steal a shitload of money from the 'War on Terror' to invade Iraq.

But if Iraq is part of the 'War on Terror', then there must be a connection between Saddam and Osama.

But if there is no connection between Saddam and Osama, and the money for O.I.L.---F. came from the funding for the 'War on Terror'...

Then Bush is a liar, the rest of the administration is a liar, they stole money that Congress appropriated for retaliation against those who attacked us on 9/11/01, and the invasion of Iraq was illegal, immoral, and has vastly increased the danger worldwide to American citizens while lining the pockets of Dick Cheney's 'former' company, which is still giving him money even now.